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We Have the Fires

December 16, 2019

Faithless Brewing, Episode 34: Fires of Invention


"If it's free, it's me." The timeless words of Bryan Gottlieb teach us to pay close attention to anything that can be cast for free, one of the most powerful and potentially broken effects in all of Magic. Fires of Invention grants that text to any spell in your deck, allowing you to cast it without tapping lands. And then, it does it again. Two free spells every turn, and you still have all your mana available to spend on other effects? Yeah, that's me. Sign us up for a playset!


Fires of Invention is Throne of Eldraine's entrant into the "broken four-mana enchantment engine" category, and it has already proven its chops in Standard as well as Pioneer and Modern. More similar to a Wilderness Reclamation than an Experimental Frenzy, Fires offers an insane mana advantage, provided that you can successfully navigate its numerous constraints. This week the crew has some explosive builds designed to do just that. You want decklists? "Just tell us how many you want and get out of the way!"


Roundup: Weekend Results
Simic Food Ramp (Gerry Thompson)
Gruul Kiora (Dan): 3-3, SCG IQ Newington
Azorius Approach (Tyler Surovy): 3rd place, SCG IQ Newington
Flashback: Crested Sunmare
GW Eldritch Horse: 1-4 league
Orzhov Horse: 3-2 league
Abzan Horse: 7-3 leagues
Brew Session: Fires of Invention


Reference lists:
Jeskai Fires (Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa)
5c Niv Fires (Ken Yukuhiro)
5c Golos Fires (Shota Yasooka)
Izzet Turns (lsv, 5-0 league)
Izzet Turns (Gfrpaac, 5-0 league)
4c As Firetold (PetyrBaelish, 7-2 PTQ)
4c As Firetold (Runeskjold, 5-0 league)
Lawson Zandi (Niv-Mizzet streams):
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