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Valakut Awakenings: The Hidden Gems of Zendikar

January 8, 2021

Faithless Brewing, Episode 88: Zendikar Rising Sunset Show

This week we bid farewell to Zendikar Rising with a look at the set’s hidden gems. First up: Valakut Awakening. The spell half of this MDFC is perfect for decks looking to dig for A + B combos, or trade away unwanted pieces for fresh cards. It's also one of the better ways to draw a big burst of cards in one shot. We discuss our testing with four new builds that exploit Valakut’s unique talents.

After that, we look at innovative 5-0 lists with Brushfire Elemental, Thieving Skydiver, Roiling Vortex, Lithoform Blight, and Wayward Guide-Beast. Zendikar’s roster turned out to be astonishingly deep for Modern and Pioneer. Let’s hope Kaldheim can provide a suitable encore!

Decklists for Episode 88 can be viewed at

Also in this edition: Geist-Honored Winota, As Foretold Living End, Bruna Gifts, and exploratory testing with Commander Legends. Happy brewing!

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