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Three Challengers for the New Meta

September 6, 2019

Faithless Brewing, Episode 19: Kiora, Niv-Mizzet, Kolaghan's Command


Faithless Looting is gone, and our beloved "non-rotating" format is in upheaval once again. Tournament results are trickling in, but in the Magic Online leagues, it's the Wild West: everyone has dusted off their midrange decks, hoping that strategies that have always fared poorly will finally get a chance to breathe in a graveyard-free Modern. It is a great time to be a brewer.


With seemingly endless possibilities to explore, this week the crew revisits some old favorites: Faithless Brews that were powerful before Modern Horizons, but couldn't keep up with the madness of Hogaak Summer. We discuss new builds of RG Kiora Dragons, Rainbow Niv-Mizzet, and old school Grixis Control. Are these old challengers ready to compete for the top tier of the new Modern? Let's discuss!




Flashback: Stoneforge Mystic
UW Stoneblade (D00mswitch): 3-2 league
Jeskai QuellBlade: 2-3 league
Bant Devoted Blade (bobinchese): 4-1 league
Brew Session: New Takes on Old Favorites
Kiora's Dragons (post-Hogaak update)
Rainbow Niv-Mizzet (post-Hogaak update)

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