Friday Jul 26, 2019

The Doctor Is In: Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

Modern Horizons / Core Set 2020, Episode 7: Yawgmoth, Thran Physician


One month after Modern Horizons, the Good Doctor is well on his way to becoming a Modern staple. Free sacrifice outlets are powerful, free card draw is insane, and that's not even half of the card's text box! But is Yawgmoth best used as a value engine, a combo piece, or something in between? Brewers have been succeeding with both approaches, and the crew has a couple ideas of their own.


Brewers' Mailbag (New!)


Is it better to pick your best cards and play as many copies as you can, or is there value to playing a mix of 1-ofs? Does the equation change for main deck versus sideboard? What about for playtesting a deck versus registering for a tournament?


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Flashback: Brought Back


Brought Back for a land and another card is slick, and Brought Back for two lands is the slickest. But the resulting decks necessarily end up being white-based control, and graveyard-reliant on top of that. As great as Brought Back is, the ceiling for this card may just prove to be too low.


Bant Midrange v1: 8-7 leagues, functional but weaker than Karn version


Bant Midrange v2: 4-6 leagues, stronger, but still needs improvement


Sun Titan Control (fincown, 5-3 Modern Challenge): 3-2 league, solid but hard work


Abzan Shadow (cavedan, test deck): Brought Back maybe worse than Unearth here


Listener-submitted decks with Brought Back:


White Amulet (blakfishy, test deck): explosive but fragile


Eternal Value (breakfast4dinner911, test deck): needs more disruption


BW Smallpox (Matt Young, test deck): interesting planeswalker angle


Brew Session: Yawgmoth


Monoblack Yawgmoth (Sketch)


Yawgmoth Evolution (Sketch)


Yawgmoth Zombies (Nick Vallas)


Other lists referenced:


Unearth Zombies (zorloth, 6-3 Modern Challenge)


4c Yawgmoth (TheWillHallExp, 5-0 league)


Sultai Aristocrats (visitor636, 5-0 league)


Mardu Pyromancer (MisterKite, 5-0 league)


Jund Superfriends (lucky_dragon, 5-0 league)







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Sorry didn’t finish comment meant to say: I love this podcast, and I really enjoy it thank you for the awesome feedback

@zmbcnh :First of all I love you

Friday Jul 26, 2019


First of all I love you

Friday Jul 26, 2019

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