Friday Jun 18, 2021

10 New Staples of the New Modern

Modern Horizons 2, Episode 8: This Week in Brewing


[3:52] Izzet Wizards by Odince

[6:52] "The Mono Red Song" by Manacymbal

[14:56] Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

[16:03] Jeskai Monkeyblade by Thunderstriker7

[16:30] Kaldra Compleat

[19:35] Prismatic Ending

[20:45] Omnath Monkeyblade by Jiggywiggy

[23:18] Rakdos Grief by Asoen

[25:29] Dauthi Voidwalker

[28:00] Dragon's Rage Channeler

[29:52] Izzet Lurrus by Lavaridge

[32:05] Unholy Heat

[33:30] Izzet Delver by Yhtarod

[33:55] Murktide Regent

[36:35] Subtlety

[37:46] Izzet Phoenix by Chichichi

[38:36] Faithless Salvaging

[40:41] Mono Red Phoenix by aspiringspike

[43:17] Abundant Harvest

[45:12] Ignoble Hierarch

[45:24] BG Yawgmoth by claudioh

[47:48] Grist, the Hunger Tide

[49:25] Solitude

[50:17] Eladamri's Toolbox by cftsoc3

[53:33] Imperial Taxes by MiguelCaster

[55:59] Brainstone

[56:55] Four Color's Best Lurrus Saga Control by CharlieTheBananaKing

[1:00:15] Closing Thoughts on the New Modern



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