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Royal Pain in the Scions

November 10, 2019

Faithless Brewing, Episode 29: The Royal Scions (Modern & Pioneer)


Kiora delivered us a fresh 5-0 last week, but we knew that would happen, as Kiora has always been great. The combination with Glorybringer is excellent in Modern and even stronger in Pioneer, although the mana requirements proved to be much trickier without the smooth shock-fetch manabase. Eldrazi add an interesting wrinkle to the Gruul ramp archetype, and Niv-Mizzet got in on the 5-0 action too.


This week, we're on to the next 3 CMC walker with absurdly high loyalty. Oko has already been widely accepted as planeswalker royalty, but what about Eldraine's actual royalty, the dashing Kenrith Kids? Two useful +1s and an achievable ultimate make The Royal Scions an attractive card to brew around, in both Modern and Pioneer. We've got more than a dozen new lists, so whether you like looting for value, unlocking graveyard synergies, or pumping creatures and turning them sideways, there's something for everyone this week!


Roundup: Pioneer B&R Announcement

Kiora Green Devotion (Dan): 3-2 league


Flashback: Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner


Classic Niv-Mizzet (Damon): 5-0 league
Once Upon KiorDrazi (Dan): 5-0 league, 3-3 Modern Challenge
Once Upon Kiora (Damon): 4-1 league
RG Dragons (David): 2-3 league, 4-1 league
RG Dragons (Damon): 0-4 league, 4-1 league
Jeskai Dragons (David): 4-1 league, 1-4 league
Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift (David): 2-3 league


Brew Session: The Royal Scions


Sketch 6: Temur Pummeler
Reference: Blue Moon (thepensword)
Reference: Temur Kiora (Dan, 5-0)
Reference: Faeburrow Niv (Damon, 5-0)

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