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The Real Gargoyles of Castle Vantress

November 17, 2019

Faithless Brewing, Episode 30: Vantress Gargoyle (Modern & Pioneer)


Just when you thought you'd seen it all, it turns out the castles of Eldraine are guarded by blue Tarmogoyfs with wings. At 5/4 flying for 1U, Vantress Gargoyle is an absolute unit. It's even an artifact to boot, with an illustrious pedigree of potential synergies. The catch? It might be a while before you can start attacking. Oh, and if you want to block, better make sure that hand size doesn't get too low. Perhaps you'd like to tap and mill for 1 instead?


Good cards come to those who break them, so this week, the crew is leaving no stone unturned with new lists for Vantress Gargoyle in both Pioneer and Modern. Will we ever attack with this card? Will we ever get to block with it? And perhaps most important of all, is this strong enough to be the centerpiece of its own deck, or is the Gargoyle better utilized as a role player in small numbers? As always, there's only one way to find out!


Roundup: Pioneer B&R, Redux


Blue Moon Canlander (Damon): Top 8, Puget Sound Battleground 1k (Individual); Top 4, Puget Sound Battleground 1k (Team Trios)

Pioneer B&R Announcement


Flashback: The Royal Scions
Izzet Arcanist: 2-3 league (adapted from this 5-0 list by Habster)
Blue Moon (by thepensword): 7-3 leagues
Temur Prowess: 1-4 league
Grixis Arcanist: 4-6 leagues
Temur Deathtouch: 4-1 league
4c Royal Vehicles: 2-3 league
Izzet Firebirds: updated sketch (compare to these Izzet Firebirds lists from Challenge)
Additional concepts:
Grixis Flamewake Phoenix: updated sketch
Grixis Ninja Scions (by Pedro Almeida): sketch
Royal Frenzy Aggro (by Elvis Alcomb): sketch
Brew Session: Vantress Gargoyle
Sketch 2: Dimir Control
Sketch 5: Mystic Forge
Sketch 6: Gargoyle Gift
Sketch 1: Dimir Turbo Trap (by Jordan Boisvert, based on this article at Modern Nexus)
Sketch 2: Sultai Delirium
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