Monday Dec 23, 2019

Now, That's a Zombie!

Throne of Eldraine, Episode 14: Rotting Regisaur


Fires of Invention was a real firecracker of a card. Last week's builds saw spectacular successes and spectacular failures across a wide range of strategies, and yet we've barely even scratched the surface of the card. It should be no surprise that Niv-Mizzet Fires is the build that seemed closest to breaking Pioneer, notching another Faithless 5-0 after the banning of Oko and Nexus of Fate. Sometimes all Niv does is win (including delivering Damon a 1st place trophy in his Modern 1K over the weekend). But there's so much more to explore that it's hard to call the book closed on Fires of Invention. I suspect we'll be seeing this card again sooner than later.


As for this week's brew-around, what is there to say? It seems almost unfair to theorycraft Rotting Regisaur; thinking too hard feels against the spirit of the card. Spend three mana, get a giant zombie. Discard a card or two. Turn sideways and try not to get turned into an Elk. It's a 7/6 monster that asks very few questions beyond, How would you like to use it? We've got a few ideas in both Modern and Pioneer, let's see which one roars the strongest!



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Roundup: Pioneer Bans, Theros Previews


Oko + Nexus of Fate ban (Announcement)
Change to B&R schedule (Announcement)

Flashback: Fires of Invention


Gruul Escape 1.0: 2-3 league
Gruul Escape 2.0: 3-2 league
Gruul Escape 2.1: recommended for testing
Reference lists:
Temur Elemental Fires (David): recommended for testing
Bonus list:


Brew Session: Rotting Regisaur


Sketch 1: Heartless Regisaur (by Ryan from Maine)
Sketch 1.1: Heartless Regisaur (David)
Sketch 2: Vampire Madness
Bonus Sketch: Varolz Counters
Bonus Sketch: Rotten Company
Reference lists:
Zombies (Kotva): 5-0 league
Red-Black Pyromancer (Ivan_Catanduva_Br): 5-0 league
Rakdos Regisaur Midrange (Zxrogue): 5-0 league
Regisaur 8-Rack (destricted): 5-0 league
Melira Rotten Company (Sinisstar619): 5-0 league
Golgari Adventure (Chris Kvartek): Mythic Championship VII (Standard)

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