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Lukka Legend, Tiger King

May 1, 2020

Faithless Brewing, Episode 52: Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast


Somewhere in the Multiverse, there are grizzled veterans who played Polymorph before it was cool. Those players are bankrupt now, their tickets squandered, their play points long depleted. Finding Polymorph fodder when Emrakul can be your only creature will take you down strange and lonely deckbuilding paths (yes, we see you Dwarven Mine).


Enter Lukka, the newest addition to the roster of red planeswalkers. Lukka's -2 is a Polymorph with a twist: it only finds creatures of higher converted mana cost. Small change, massive upside. What if we could have our mana dorks, and eat our spaghetti monster too? What if we could graft a Polymorph  endgame onto an already functional ramp curve? Things just got very interesting.


This week we spin the wheel with Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, in Modern, Pioneer, and even a touch of Standard. The best part about Lukka? He's not a Companion. The worst part about Lukka? Yeah, he's probably friends with Companions. But we're willing to forgive him if his critter pals deliver the goods. Happy brewing!


Flashback: Yorion, Sky Nomad



Niv Fires 1.0 (Dan): 4-1 league

Niv Fires 1.1 (Dan): 3-2 league

Doom Foretold 1.0 (Damon): 2-3 league

Doom Foretold 1.1 (Damon): 5-0 league

GW Enchantress (Dan): 2-3 league



4c Yorion Blink (David): 5-5 leagues



Brew Session: Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast



Sketch 1: 4c Lukka Cat Combo (Modern)


Sketch 2: Gruul Lukka Ramp (Pioneer)


Sketch 3: Lukka Creativity (Pioneer)


Sketch 4: Treacherous Winota (Standard)




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