Faithless Brewing: MTG for the Rogue Deckbuilder

Jolrael Empress of BEATS (ft. ManaCymbal)

July 31, 2020

Faithless Brewing, Episode 65: Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse


What happens when you take a mechanic based on drawing extra cards, and move it out of Izzet colors and into Green? Does it somehow get a whole lot better? Jolrael thinks so, and we are inclined to agree. The empress of the Jamuraan jungles has gotten a lot leaner, fiercer, and more cat-friendly since we last saw her all the way back in Prophecy. As a splashable two-mana legend that generates tempo and card advantage every turn, Jolrael seems to have all the right moves for both Modern and Pioneer, so let's see what she can do!


Roundup: Brewers' Mailbag ft. ManaCymbal


Where to find Zach:

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Flashback: Mazemind Tome


Blue Moon (Damon): 4-1 league

Eldrazi Tron: 5-4 ManaTraders Qualifiers

Classic Dice Factory (by Hampuse1): 2-3 league

Saheeli Dice Factory (by Brian M): 3-2 league

Blue Tron (by Lordofthelobsters): 3-0 league


UB Tome Diviner (David, Zach): 4-1 league, 3-2 league


Mazemind Niv (by Grixisism)

Esper Maze-Seize (by Spotred)


Brew Session: Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse




Sketch: Jolrael's Shadow

Sketch: Bant Jolrael

Sketch: Temur Tokens

Sketch: Jolrael GW Taxes

Sketch: Jolrael UG Kinnan




Sketch: Jolrael Delirium

Sketch: Bant Cycling

Sketch: Jundrael Enchantress








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