Faithless Brewing: MTG for the Rogue Deckbuilder

Bonus: Chasing the Brewer’s Cup (ft. Brian Madden)

August 31, 2020

Faithless Brewing, Bonus Episode: Community League Recap #1


Brian Madden, aka Untwisted, joins Dan and Damon to talk through some of the coolest decks to come out of the Faithless Brewing Community League. 


Signups for Community League #3 are currently underway in our Discord channel! Join the Faithless Family at and come show off your deckbuilding chops. Happy brewing!




Hunted Sundial by Judge Rob


Dark Arias by Bromatcourier


Song of Storms by Raytheon


Narset Cannon by Been 395


Touch the Magic Dragon by KilgoreTrout


Grixis Pile by Illsicknasty


Kinnan Devotion by redtrexx



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