Faithless Brewing MTG: Modern and Pioneer for the Spike Rogue


November 13, 2019

Got questions for us? Have feedback on the show? Just want to talk shop and brew? We would love to hear from you!


Twitter: @FaithlessMTG

We tweet interesting brews that we come across, updates from our testing results, and other random musings. Give us a follow to see what we are brewing next!




Reddit: In addition to our page here, we post the show notes for each episode on r/ModernMagic and r/PioneerMTG. Look for posts by u/cavedan2 (Dan) or u/stasis6001 (Damon).


Discord: Have an idea for one of our decks, or want to get feedback on something you're working on yourself? We have a Discord channel for exactly that! Our Discord is open to our patrons at any level, so check out our Patreon page for details on how to join. We hope to see you there!


Magic Online: If you find yourself paired against nukelaunch (Damon) or cavedan (Dan, or sometimes David), that's us! We are famously slow clickers, so depending on the clock situation we might have our game chat disabled, but feel free to say hello!




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